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Terms and Conditions

1. General

This purchase agreement between THE COLLECTION (Lauramex SA de CV)  and the consumer, will be governed by these Terms and Conditions.

Consumers will only be able to buy products that:

1. Are available for sale and whose characteristics (model, color, size, quantities and price)  appear in the online store.

2. They can only be delivered within the territory of the Mexican Republic, by the courier company.

3. In the event that the consumer requests   Delivery  out  of the Mexican Republic, the cost of freight, taxes and expenses related to the shipment, will be covered by the consumer.  

4. To make the purchase, the consumer must enter the page:, select the product or products to buy, having to fill out the corresponding questionnaire, which includes some personal data, including email to contact the consumer during the purchase process.

5. The products selected by the consumer must be included in the shopping basket and select the means of payment.

6. Once the payment method has been selected: Cash, Bank Transfer, Mercado Pago, Paypal,  Credit/debit card (in person), the merchandise will be charged.

7. The consumer acknowledges and agrees to pay THE COLLECTION the total amount of the selected products, prior to receiving them.  

8. The authorization process for the payment of the products may be carried out in a period not exceeding 3 business days.

9. During this period, THE COLLECTION will reserve the product for the consumer, however, if payment is not made, the products will no longer be reserved after this period.

10. Once the payment is made, the products will be shipped, according to the data defined by the consumer.


2. Product Delivery

Once the price of the merchandise has been covered, accepted,  recognized and verified  by payment systems  THE COLLECTION,   this same  will proceed  upon delivery of products selected and paid for by the consumer, at the address indicated and/or agreed upon in the order.

For the delivery of the product, a courier company will be used, which will have up to 3 attempts to contact the client, however, if it is NOT done  successful delivery, the product will be kept in the courier office  closest to the customer, who will have to pick it up  directly.

3. Consumer profile

​The sale may be made by persons who are 18 years of age or older, that is, minors may only make purchases through their father, mother, guardian or whoever exercises parental authority, guardianship or custody.

4. Payment methods

- Cash or bank transfer

-Credit and/or debit cards

- Mercadopago

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